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Products Show

Forming machinery
Model:BT300 Flat-type Lollipop die-forming & wrapping machine

Forming machinery
Model:CY-350 /500 Soft candy/hard candy Die-forming Machine

Forming machinery
Model:TLC-300 Chain-die Forming Machine

Forming machinery
Model:CM-35 Uniplast Die-forming Machine

Forming machinery
Model:BD-64/80 Lollipop die-forming machine

Packaging machinery
Model:KBZ-800 Cutting & Pillow-type Packaging Machine

Packaging machinery
Model:CB398A Full Automatic Packaging Machine

Packaging machinery
Model:BBJ-II Ball-type Lollipop Wrapping Machine

Packaging machinery
Model:BP280 Flat-type Lollipop Wrapping Machine

Packaging machinery
Model:TBN820A Candy Twist Packing Machine

Packaging machinery
Model:TB800A High-speed Pillow-type Candy Packing Machine

Kitchen equipment
Model:BM-300/450/600/1200 Continuous Vacuum Micro-film Cooker


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