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Networked Electrician and Electronic Experiment System    Model:MES-II


    MES-II modern electrician and electronic eperiment system (data-acquisition type) inherits MES-II modern electrician and electronic experiment system features such as consummate protection measures,intelligent-digital high precision instruments besides of new network communication function.

II.Computer Networking Function

    Each table collocates a data trap(installed in experiment equipment data-trap appending LC and operational keyboard) and each classroom hold a tutor-computer constituting a network with several experiment tables.Data trap assembles various instruments(AC voltmeter, AC ammeter, power meter,power factor meter,DC voltmeter,DC ammeter,DC stabilized voltage supply,adjustable current supply,signal source,digital AC millivoltmeter)displayed values and states,meanwhile,it takes records of various faults during the experiment and then transmits these information to the computer. It can resolve the issue of common-earth avoidance among instruments through realizing optoelectronic isolation between trap and instruments.After student number log-in it follows choice of the experiment to be done and then experimental state.At this moment,it is displaying the test tables in the first half and instruments values in the second half.Selected values can be dragged into the test tables under shift key. Students commit the experimental data to the computer to form a back-up after filling the tables.It permits at most 9 test tables in one experiment.

    It combines three functional modules in the supervision system of the tutor computer to fulfill the management task.

    Test table design and student list management

    When this experiment system produced,it had edited all table files in the experiment guide.

    In the subsequent use process,if it needs changing original tables or adding new contents,the management system can satisfy each user`s requirements which breaks the inherit restriction.

    At the beginning of each term, teacher import student list and numbers into the computer which will carry out achievements management in the supervision system.Several experiments processes under teacher`s designation can be carried through only by the registered student.

    Experimental real-time supervision

    When experimenter inputs the student number thurough LED and small keyboard,then the experiment can be started after the computer confirmation,Real-time process is available through manager`s surveillance in the tutor computer which contains instruments values,table conditions,start-time,finish-time,operational faults and so on. When it is necessary to perform intervention,teacher can download dictates displayed on LCD into data trap or cut off power supply to prohibit experiment proceeding.

    Student achievements management

    It is available to get whole-term information about the student included with original data,faults number,experiment time,rework records and so on,while teacher can copy this information to generate experiment results under the consideration of experiment report,and data processing.Then to generate student results report list committed to educational administrator.

    This supervision system can perform valid experiment process management,make convenient experiment schedule and enhance equipment utilization coefficient.