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Modern Electrician and Electronic Experiment Table(based on virtual apparatus technology local network)    Model:NETL-V


    NETL-V modern electrician and electronic experiment table,combined with computer network and virtual apparatus development,is based on electronic teaching in accordance with the requirements of digital and analog electronic technology experiment content and curriculum design. Meanwhile,it provides good platform of LABVIEW programming,project development and research for teacher and graduate reflecting electronic technology develop direction.

II.Product Features

1.Analog electronic experiment permits not only separated component wiring but six kinds of general fixed test board to complete.

2.Analog electronic experiment provides digital milliammeter,voltmeter,AC millivoltmeter,various thyritors,transistor,cymometer,transformer and other instruments to ensure in hardware designable experiment.

3.Analog programmable experiment board guarantees analog experiment.

4.1MHz signal source,2MHz AC digital millivoltmeter,DC digital voltmeter and ammeter have computer interfaces to communicate with upper-machine.

5.Experiment table permits digital and analog electronic technology test which enhances equipment usage rate.

6.It supplies +-5V/1A,+-12V/1A,0~+-24V/1A powers and 0~+-5V DC signal source for both digital and analog situation.

7.Digital experiment offers dynamic and static 6-digit nixietubes which make contributions to the experiment.

8.It provides abundant power level indicator,logic switch,data switch and signal source of digital circuit.

9.EDA experiment are permitted with EDA board.

10.Equipped with data acquisitor and oscillograph which support real-time measurement value,meter ouptut,various waveforms and deposit oscillograph function.

11.Experiment computer can achieve virtual AC millivoltmeter and logic analysis functions which deepen the concept sequence in digital circuit and make foundation for MCU learning.

12.Virtual apparatus function is available for the user.

III.Experiment Projects to be Completed

1.Analog circuit experiment

(1)Ceneral electronic instruments usage

(2)Transistor common-emitter amplifier

(3)FET amplifier

(4)Feedback amplifier

(5)Emitter follower

(6)Differential amplifier

(7)Integrated operational amplifier indexes

(8)Basic applications of integrated operational amplifier I-Analog operational circuit

(9)Basic applications of integrated operational amplifier II-signal process(active filter)

(10)Basic applications of integrated operational amplifier III-signal process(voltage comparator)

(11)Basic applications of integrated operational amplifiier IV-signal process (wavefom generator)

(12)RC sine wave oscillator

(13)LC sine wave oscillator

(14)Function signal generator assembling and debugging

(15)Pressure-controlled oscillator

(16)Low-frequency power amplifier I-power amplifier

(17)Low-frequency power amplifier II-integrated power amplifier

(18)DC stabilized power