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Electronic Technology Test-bed    Model:ETL-V


    The design of the ETL series of electronic technology test-bed is based on experimental teaching demands in the books-Analog Electronics Technology and Digital Electronic Technology.Three models were made by the company`s research and development department according to the every school`s needs and recommendations to the devices.

    This equipment fully meets all the experimental contents and curriculum designs,as well as provide a good platform for teachers and graduate to develop new experiments or research works.

II.Features of Test-bed

1.Strong Science:With the development of subjects,electronics experimental content is gradually changing from a large number of verification experiments to the design of experiments,Comprehensive experiments.In spite of the face of conventional experimental content or a deeper level of teaching,the equipment is scientific and reasonable as well as avoids the equipment into a large and all-encompasing,resulting in a waste of funds.

2.Strong visualization:the clear pictures and reasonable panel layout and the "Plum Blossom From"design that are given a hand for the teachers and students` checking-line and will be very helpful to Train the students` manipulative ability.

3.Good reliability:silver-tube with the length of 2cm can be inserted in various components and there are more than 300 high-reliable locking-type anti-stack socket on the mother board. Wire are flexible contact with high reliability.

III.Technical Conditions


Work environment:temperature:-10°C~+40°C

                             Relative temperature≤ 85°C

                         Elevation≤ 4000meters

Equipment capacity:      ≤ 200VA

IV.Experiment Projects

    This equipment can be free to design various experiments,the following experiments tothe institutions are only for reference.

    Basic experiment of Analog Electronics Technology

1.common use of electronic devices

2.transistor common emitter single-tube amplifier

3.FET amplifier

4.negative-feedback amplifier

5.the emitter follower

6.Differential Amplifier

7.Integrated Operational Amplifiers test

8.The basic application of Integrated Operational Amplifiers I-analog operational circuit

9.basic application of Integrated Operational Amplifiers II-APF

10.basic application of Integrated Operational Amplifiers III-voltage comparator

11.basic application of Integrated Operational Amplifiers IV-voltage waveform generato

12.RC sine wave oscillator

13.LC sine wave oscillator

14.voltage controlled oscillator

15.QTL power amplifier experiment

16.Integrated power amplifier experiment

17.Series transistor power supply

18.integrated power supply experiment

Analog electronic technology comprehensive experimental content

19.assembly and debugging of function signal generator

20.thyristor controlled rectifier circuit

21.Application experiment-the temperature monitoring and controlling circuit

22.the comprehensive experiment--the design and debugging of avometer

Basic experiment of Digital Electronics Technology

1.the transistor switching caracteristics,clipping and clamping device

2.logic function and parameters test of TTL

3.logic function and parameters test of CMOS logic gate-integrated

4.connecting and drive and integrated logic circuits

5.design and test of combinational logic circuits

6.decoder and its application

7.data selector and its application

8.Triggerand its Application

9.counter and its applications.

10.shift register and its application

11.pulse distributor and its application

12.D/A and A/D converters


14.the monostable trigger and the Schmitt trigger--with the pulse delay and waveform shaping.

15.555 time-base circuit and its applicaton

Comprehensive experiment of digital electronics technology

16.the multifunction device for intellectual competition-a comprehensive experiment

17.the electronic stopwatch-a comprehensiveexperiment

18.three half-DC Digital Voltmeter-a comprehensive experiment

19.Digital Cymometer-a comprehensive experiment

20.tug-of-war game-ainteresting and comprehensive experiment

21.RAM 2114 A and its application -a comprehensive experiment

22.EDA experiment and its application