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Maintenance Electrician Skill Training Assessment Equipment    Model:QSWD-Άρ


    QSWD-I is elaorately developed according to the professional skill assessment guidance center of Department of Labor.This equipment is suitable for the student experiment, and for the primary and junior maintenance electrician skill assessment.


1.All control circuits and components are fixed on the control panel,for easy operation and replacing,and for better understanding of students.

2.The electrical supply for this equipment is Three-phase 4-wire power,thus is easy to install.

3.The motor and circuits are specially designed to simulate all kinds of industrial motors and power drive systems. It satisfies the maintenance electrician`s skill training of installation and testing,fault analysis and troubleshooting.

4.The equipment has perfect safety protection function to insure the safety of operators.Input parts are equipped with current-leakage protection devices,the power output has short-circuit protection and surveillance functions,the measuring instruments are equipped with reliable protection and surveillance function.The control screen also provides experimental device management for the students experiment with a skills assessment management platform.

5.All the components have adopted guidelines to the wire connector;students only need to connect the components to the terminal.

III.Technical Conditions

1.Input voltage: Three-phase 4-wire system 380V~10%,50HZ

2.Work environment:environmentail temperature range of -5~+400C,relative humidity<85%(250C),elevation<4000m



IV.Experiment Contents

1.3-phase asynchronous motor launch direct control

2.3-phase asynchronous motor contactor movement control circuit

3.3-phase asynchronous motor contactor self-locking control circuit

4.3-phase induction motor stator series resistance decompression manually control circuit

5.3-phase induction motor stator series resistance decompression automatically control circuit

6.Y-delta activating control line

7.3-phase asynchronous motor positive and reverse rotation control

8.Positive and reverse rotation control circuit with contactor interlock device

9.3-phase asynchronous motor positive and reverse rotation control circuit with interlock button

10.3-phase asynchronous motor positive and reverse rotation control circuit with double interlocking

11.Single-phase activated and decompression plug braking control circuit

12.The dynamic braking control circuit

13.3-phase asynchronous motor order control

14.3-phase asynchronous motor multi-grounding control

15.Automatic forward and backward control circuit

16.3-phase asynchronous motor manual control lines

17.3-phase asynchronous motor automatic starting control circuit

18.C620-type lathe connection,fault and maintenance

19.Z3040 radial drill electrical control circuits

V.Experiment Equipment Configuration Note

1.Main control screen(including experiment desk)

2.Lower Components:

  (1)QSWD-06 single-phase voltage regulators and DC armature power

  (2)QSWD-07 single-phase transformers

  (3)QSWD-08 rectifier diode

  (4)QSTIA-09 DC power supply

  (5)QSTIA-00 DC excitation power

  (6)QSWD-10 filter capacitor

3.Experiment Components:

  (1)QSWD-02 maintenance electrician training component 1

  (2)QSWD-03 maintenance electrician training component 2

  (3)QSWD-04 maintenance electrician training component 3

  (4)QSWD-05 adjustable resistor boxes

  (5)QSWD-15 maintenance electrician training component 7

  (6)QSWD-17 boxes of electronic circuits experiments


  (1)M03 parallel excitation DC motor

  (2)M14 3-phase squirrel-cage induction motor

  (3)M09 3-phase winding induction motor

  (4)M11 double-speed induction motors

VI.Experiment Equipment Performance Note

1.Power,Instrumentation Control Screen

    Control screen is double dense lines profiling spray structure,aluminum panel,forsupplying the AC power,high votage DC power supply,low-voltage DC power supply and various instruments,etc.

2.Experiment Components

1)QSWD-02 maintenance electrician training component one

    Supplies 4 AC contactors,2 relay heaters,5 switch buttons,and 2 indicators.Meanwiles, the connector is suitable for students to connect the wires and is durable in use.

2)QSWD-03 maintenance electrician training component two

    Supplies 4 AC contactors,2 time relays,6 fuses(two kinds).One DZ47-63 air switch,4 AC contactors,2 relays,5 switches,2 indicators.Meanwhile,the connector is suitable for students to connect the wires and is durable in use.

3)QSWD-04 maintenance electrician training component three

    3 spiral fuses,1 inducing electromagnet,1 crusaders switch,a convert switch,4 approaching switches.