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D series air cooler ( also called cold air machine) is a kind of cooling equipments suitable fir various refrigerated warehouses(for example, constructed refrigerated warehouse or assembled refrigerated warehouse. This series of air coolers include three types as DL, DD and DJ type which are suitable for different warehouse temperature. They have the advantages such as compact structure, light weight, take no space of refrigerating warehouse, uniform warehouse temperature, high efficiency, etc. They can make the temperature of food being stored to the refrigerating warehouse drop rapidly and thus keep the food in good freshness.

  D series air coolers can be applied to different temperature refrigerating warehouses together with the condensing unit of different refrigerating fluid. The DL-type air cooler is suitable for refrigerating warehouse of a temperature about 0≧( e.g. the refrigerating warehouse used for keeping fresh eggs and vegetables ). The DD-type air cooler is suitable for refrigerating warehouse of a temperature about -18≧( e.g. the refrigerating warehouse used for storing meat, fish, etc. ). The DJ-type air cooler is suitable for refrigerating warehouse of a temperature equal to or lower than -25≧(( e.g. the refrigerating warehouse used for quick-freezing fresh meat, fresh fish, and other foods, etc. )。

Features of product
1、The body case adopts plastic plating or embossed plastic plating aluminum plate that has good corrosion resistance and elegant appearance.
2、The coil unit is arranged in a new style, which helps to reduce the wind resistance. Cover it with aluminum sheath, then wrap the aluminum panels round the copper pipe with the mechanical expanded tube, which reduces the contact heat resistance, and increase the heat transfer efficiency.
3、The product passed the pressure test, and its pipes are cleaned with trichloroethylene, which is used to get rid of the oil, water and oxide skin in the pipes. And therefore, when users fill the pipes with refrigerating fluid, the expansion valve will not be blocked by the rubbish and dirty grease in the system.
4、Low-noise high-efficiency fan motor is adopted to guarantee the normal running of the air cooler under moist and low temperature condition.
5、U-shape tubular electric heating element perfect in insulation is adopted. The tubular electric heating element is inserted into the coil pipes, so the frost can be melted rapidly and the effect is very good.
6、Grooved hanging bracket is adopted, so the hoisting is convenient.
7、The product passed the treatment of pressure maintaining and nitrogen filling before delivery.