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High-Voltage Motors    Model:Y Series

Y Series 10kV Medium-Sized High-Voltage Three-Phase Asynchronous Motors

Y series 10 kV motors (H 450-630) are medium-sized three-phase asynchronous motors, its output range, dimension of installation, and electric performance are in conformity with correlative national standard GB755-2000 and relative IEC standard. The motor adopts compacted box structure, wielding-jointed steel plate for its frame light weight easy installation and maintenance, there are protection shield on top of the stator frame. The stator is so constructed as the stator core is stacked and assembled with coils to form an
individual assembly which is then put into the stator housing rigidly supported and braced at the end portion. During processing, the coils undergo several turn and turn pulse voltage tests and voltage endurance test to ground and vacuum pressure impregnated with solventfree varnish pass several impulse voltage test among the wind and endure-voltage test squirrel rotor is being manufactured by pure aluminum through adopting advanced casting technique. Depending on the output and speed of the motor rolling bearing or sleeve beating is used. The main lead box is at right side of the motor, (viewing from facing the shaft extension side). It can also be at the left side of motor upon order request. Ground terminal are provided on the main lead box.
Y series 10kV motors have a good feature: high efficient, low noise, slight vibration, good reliability, convenient installation and maintenance.
Y series 10kV motors are applicable for driving various types of universal machines, such as compressor water pump crusher cutting machine tools, transportation equipments and other mechanical equipment and act as prime mover at mine, mechanical industry petroleum and chemical industry, power plant and other industrial purpose. If they are to be used to drive fan, coal-grind machine, rolling mill, windlass, relevant technical information should be provided when placing an order based on which special consideration will be given to the motors so as to ensure motor reliable operation.

• Ambient temperature: -15¡æ¡Ü¦È¡Ü40¡æ
• Altitudenot: exceed 1000m
• Rated voltage: 10kV
  • Rated frequency: 50Hz
• Protection class: IP23
• Insulation class: F
TYPE: Y      Frame No. : 450~630       Poles: 2,6,12     Output: 355~710( kW)