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High-Efficiency Mtotor    Model: MS Series

MS Series High-Efficiency Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor With Aluminium Housing

Aluminum housing motor of  "KAIJIELI" brand is considered as Green products in the line of motor. It is well received in many countries, The Aluminum motor is very popular in developed country especially, the Cast iron motor is replaced by aluminum one gradually is a developing trend in twenty-first century.
MS series three-phase asynchronous aluminum motor with removable foot, TEFC, which is developed for many years by our Co. according to the advanced technology abroad, using the newest technology and the new special equipment and material, It is suitable for driving various machines and equipments. conformity to IEC standards, IP55, insulation class F, They have good features: low noise, slight vibration, reliable structure, fine appearance, small volume, light weight, easy maintenance etc. Meanwhile, three-direction foot alternating structure can make B3, B35, B5, B34, B14 and the place of terminal box changed, which is very convenient for end user.
The outstanding features are: All motors efficiency exceeds CEMEP-EU Eff2, Eff1 and Australia MEPS / High Efficiency standard. The end user can benefit from energy saving , Its appearance is same as popular European style.  terminal box on top can turn in four directions (terminal box on the right or left on request). In the meantime, insulation material and insulation technology are better than before. No-solvent varnish and VPI make motor have excellent insulated capability and longer working time.

TYPE: MS      Frame No. : 56~160L       Poles: 2,4,6,8,10     Output: 0.12~25(HP)    0.09~18.5 ( kW)